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Invention Spotlight : Octo-Dog Hot Dog Slicer

***Before we begin today’s P.I.P Invention Spotlight we have to extend a very special thanks to a friend who actually owned one. We believe strongly in quid pro quo so if you’re in need of customer service oriented home insurance experience in the the Tennessee area contact our comrade Douglas by clicking here. ***

Hot dogs. Where do they come from? What are they made out of? The obvious answers are “you don’t want to know” and “mostly raccoon feet and newspaper.” Still, that didn’t stop intrepid entrepreneurs from creating a litany of products that augment, accentuate and generally mangle the beloved hotted dog.  Today we’d like to take a closer look at a particular example of this kind of sausage savagery : the OctoDog Hot Dog Slicer.

The OctoDog Hot Dog slicer is a strange, perhaps cool in some circles, recently invented culinary gizmo that takes boring, ordinary hot dogs and transforms them amazingly into happy little octopuses. Actually, we can’t tell if these octopi are experiencing feelings of contentment but we’re guessing here.

The OctoDog Hot Dog slicer is pretty simple to use as we found out during the research for this entry. You insert your favorite brand of hot dog into the slicer. We didn’t know whether or not to cook the dogs first so we tried both uncooked and cooked test dogs. You press down and wow, here’s that octopus where just an ordinary hot dog once existed. You want to liven up your fancy dinner party? The OctoDog slicer is the right choice to really shake things up for you and your guests. Do you love to go camping? The great outdoors would benefit greatly from an OctoDog simmering and sizzling over a pleasant bonfire.

Lastly, the oceans of macaroni and cheese that you surely consume if you’re into the Octodog deserve their own aquatic adventurer. Who knows what amazing tales your Octodog will tell after sailing those Velveeta seas?

The Octodog slicer was well created because we didn’t even break it trying to slice up these dogs. The plastic is nice and durable not to mention the octopus itself seems nice and friendly. You take the eyes out, slip in a dog, pop everything back together and….well, we have to say something here: our first two dogs got majorly mangled. There’s something in the design that can be appreciated : the “blades” that cut your dog are pretty much just plastic that is very dull. The amount of force necessary to get some nice tentacles on the dog is excessive and can lead to broken frankfurters.

Final Verdict: the Octodog definitely does what it says it will do!

The Octodog is a fantastic example of an invention ” needed by no one, accepted by all.” If you’re a hotdog fan or a parent with kids who like them, this is an easy and acceptable purchase.  Come on folks, not everything has to be the internal combustion engine – sometimes the true test of any invention is simply if people are dumb enough to buy it. For that, the Octodog gets 100 A pluses and a scholarship to Wiener University.