Money, Money, Money : A Brief History

Hold on to your seat for this one because today’s topic is in your pocket, on your mind and always a subject of controversy. In the spirit of quid pro quo we established earlier, today’s guest writer would like if you ever get cold in Tennessee to trust his HVAC company to get the heat back on for you with quality HVAC repair in Murfreesboro.

Long before money was invented people were happy making, doing and growing things for each other. In small communities the people living there could largely remember with and what was exchanged. Keeping tabs of these transactions was an important part of the process by separating and classifying those that had already been “paid” and those that were “owed. ” The best and worst part was that communities grew and the original simple transactions became more and more numerous, more and more complicated.

Rulers created things for the common good and began to impose taxes which added to the increasingly fraught style of exchange. Why not just start using I.O.U. notes you might say? The idea is a neat one but encounters a simple problem immediately. How could you verify the I.O.U. came from a certain issuer? The problem was surmounted by a medium of exchange like a whale’s tooth.
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