10 Terrible Products Only Sold In Informercials

If you’ve ever stayed up absolutely way too late and turned on the television then you’ve probably seen some pretty terrible infomercials. Now, in this day and age, you’re only one tap away from some of the worst products and painful pitches for those items. Maybe we’re missing the halcyon days of only being able to find something truly terrible at 3AM on basic cable but today we’re going to do a countdown, a list, a short compendium of ten terrible products you will only see sold in one of those long, terrible commercials called an infomercials.

Let’s pull a disclaimer here as well : we didn’t buy all of these products we also are not fessing up to which ones we did buy. Suffice to say some of these are pretty shameful to own on a basic level so we won’t single out anyone from the P.I.P. staff specifically. Hide your credit cards folks , here comes the list:

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