Who Said That? There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute!

Welcome back to PIP, your digital location for the most advanced think tank in the history of blogs targeting consumerism and comedy. Did that sound alright? We mean, did it read alright? We think so too. Today we’re going to launch a new concept for the PIP blog called “Who Said That?” where (you guessed it) we are going to explain a common quotation concerning consumer culture and get the the real roots of what said it, why they said it and what it means today. Now if that didn’t blow you away with sheer excitement, this will : we’ll be launching our Facebook and Twitter pages soon so be on the look out for those links. We’d really appreciate likes or retweets or whatever you have to give us with those thumbs of yours. Now, let’s get historical.

What comes to mind when you hear the common saying ” There’s a sucker born every minute?” You might have heard a variation on the phrase as well which could have replaced “sucker” with “fool.” Most people will attribute this quote to P.T. Barnum aka Phineas Taylor Barnum aka that really famous and successful circus guy. Now, we’ll forgive you not knowing the true story since you’re obviously here to educate yourself.

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