What The Eff? The Pets The Rocked The World

Children often beg their parents for a puppy or a kitten. Or, they may ask for something smaller like a hamster or goldfish. Why not offer to get them a pet rock, Mom’s best friend?

People began keeping pet rocks in 1975. An advertising executive named Gary Dahl came up with the idea and it spread like wildfire for about six months. Imported from Mexico, the ordinary rocks were treated as if they were real pets and even came with an owner’s manual. When they were first marketed, they were $3.95. Now they’re being sold for hundreds of dollars on online auction sites.

Pet rocks continue to live on

Like other fads, it did not die out. There are dedication pages, turn offs, and one can in any case buy such a pet, however new producers have given their stones new elements and looks. Case in point, very few plain dim rocks are sold any more. One can purchase shakes that are recorded, painted, and finished in numerous a way, loaning the stone a great deal more identity than managed Dahls creation. One can purchase a stone with a plan, or one can purchase a stone that is separately painted in memory of any truly adored pet, or one can in any case buy that stone that is totally drained of past recognition, and let its thought develop in the brain.
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