What The Eff- The Pets The Rocked The World

What The Eff? The Pets The Rocked The World

Children often beg their parents for a puppy or a kitten. Or, they may ask for something smaller like a hamster or goldfish. Why not offer to get them a pet rock, Mom’s best friend?

People began keeping pet rocks in 1975. An advertising executive named Gary Dahl came up with the idea and it spread like wildfire for about six months. Imported from Mexico, the ordinary rocks were treated as if they were real pets and even came with an owner’s manual. When they were first marketed, they were $3.95. Now they’re being sold for hundreds of dollars on online auction sites.

Pet rocks continue to live on

Like other fads, it did not die out. There are dedication pages, turn offs, and one can in any case buy such a pet, however new producers have given their stones new elements and looks. Case in point, very few plain dim rocks are sold any more. One can purchase shakes that are recorded, painted, and finished in numerous a way, loaning the stone a great deal more identity than managed Dahls creation. One can purchase a stone with a plan, or one can purchase a stone that is separately painted in memory of any truly adored pet, or one can in any case buy that stone that is totally drained of past recognition, and let its thought develop in the brain.

Virtual Pets

These Pets follow the same formula as Dahls product. Operating more in the mind of the its owner than somewhere else, Virtual pets can be an electronic toy, a computer program, or even a video game. However, though securing more time from an owner, virtual pets do not leave as much room for thinking as the pet rock.

If your children are asking for a pet, a pet rock might be the answer. You can tell them they can have a pet rock to see how well they handle the responsibility before you allow them to get a goldfish, hamster, or larger pet.

There are a number of things about pet rocks that make them Mom’s best friend. Consider these benefits when offering to “get” your child a pet rock:

* You don’t have to buy them. Yes, people were silly enough to fall for a marketing ploy, as ingenious as it was, but you really don’t need to buy a pet rock. You or your child can find one right outside your front door. Of course, you may want to find one that’s unusual so it won’t get lost if it falls on the ground. In all actuality, you can find a new pet rock anywhere.

* You don’t have to feed them. Pet rocks are just that – rocks. They’re inanimate objects that just sit there. They don’t eat, so you don’t have to feed them. You also don’t have to worry about buying food for them, which could help with budgeting concerns.

* Since they don’t eat, you don’t have to worry about taking them outside to use the restroom. There’s no mess to clean up after, which will make your life as a Mom just a little bit easier.

* You won’t have to wonder if your child’s pet rock will bite anyone. That’s often a concern with having a pet dog or small pets like hamsters. With kittens or cats you may be concerned about their scratching and biting.

When looking for a pet rock, try to find one that’s smooth. You also want one that’s not so small that you lose it or so big that your child can’t carry it. Something that’s pretty like polished rose quartz may be a good bet for little girls. Boys will probably like something that’s a little rougher.

Unlike a living pet, your child can decorate their pet rock to their liking. Decide which side of the rock is its face and then allow your child to draw a face on it. Your child can determine the type of face it has, whether serious, silly, or smiley. They can also glue on wiggly eyes that you can find in any craft store.

Face it, Moms, at one point your child will ask for a pet. Giving them a pet rock may at least buy you some time until you can decide as a family whether owning a live pet is in your family’s future. Consider a pet rock – Mom’s best friend because they are easy to care for, cost nothing, and are easily replaced.